Patch for nsprofile Setup in AOLserver 2.3.3

by Nathan Wallace (April 28, 1999)


There is a bug in the setup of the nsprofile module for AOLserver 2.3.3.

If you try to use the setup program to install this module then AOLserver will barf. The problem is that AOLserver thinks that the parameter for HTML, which is /*.html by default should be an integer.

The guys at AOLserver sent me this fix within 2 hours of reporting the problem. The delay was probably only because I sent the mail to them at 7:30am.

I have posted this fix for convenience only. Please don't try using this fix, mess up your files and then bother the nice people at AOLserver. This shouldn't happen though as the fix is very simple.

The Fix

  1. Go to your AOLserver home directory. If you followed my installation instructions you can do this:
        cd /home/nsadmin/AOLserver

  2. Go to the setup module directory.
        cd modules/nssetup

  3. There should be a file here called data.src.

  4. If you do a search for nsprofile.html.type in your favorite editor you'll find that the type is set to Int. It is on line 864 in my data.src. Change the work Int on this line to be String. It should look like this when you are done:
    ns/server/*/module/nsprofile.html.type String \

  5. People who don't know how to use an editor or don't like to play with configuration files can just download the fixed file (link removed). Save this file to the modules/setup directory above. Install the file by:
        cp data.src data.src.old
        gzip -d data.src.gz

  6. If you restart your server then the setup should work properly now.