Upgrade from AOLserver 2.3.2 to AOLserver 2.3.3 on Red Hat Linux 5.x

by Nathan Wallace (April 28, 1999)


AOLserver 2.3.3 has some small changes over version 2.3.2.

The examples in this document assume that your AOLserver 2.3.2 installation followed the format set out in our AOLserver 2.3.3 installation instructions. The upgrade sequence below is so trivial that it shouldn't really matter.


  1. Go to your AOLserver home directory.
        cd /home/nsadmin/AOLserver

  2. Download the file as233_linux.tar.gz from www.aolserver.com into this directory.

  3. You can simply overwrite your 2.3.2 installation with 2.3.3. Untar the file with:
        tar xzvf as232_linux.tar.

  4. You may want to apply the nsprofile patch.