Rediscovering e-gineer through blogging

May 12, 2005

Like most things in my life, e-gineer morphed to become part of Synop as it formed. Then, like many other things, it was heavily neglected as Synop grew and changed.

With Synop coming to a close, this is an ideal time to reclaim e-gineer and use it as a basis for rebuilding my personal IT infrastructure and sense of self. (It’s an indication of my high level of nerdiness that my sense of self is intertwined with a web site and email address). Having spent 7 years designing and building CMS software, it’s only natural that I decided to come up with a framework for e-gineer that should help it survive a lifetime of personal change, neglect and rediscovery. I’ll be describing this in more detail through a series of posts about Personal IT.

It’s traditional for a first blog post to make promises, build anticipation and represent a burst of enthusiasm. Since most blogs start with no readers, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, here is what to expect from this blog:

Of course, the only important outcome for any blogger is to find your voice.