Opportunity or overwhelming odds?

August 2, 2005

Last week was my last official week of Synop employment. After 7 years of blood, sweat and tears it’s a significant milestone for me personally. As part of the windup, we’ve had a set of farewell lunches and parties that were helpful for everyone else but for some reason had never given me a personal sense of closure.

Then, last Thursday, Peter was delayed in Sydney while flying out to Bhutan. Turns out that an impromptu afternoon in the pub together both reminiscing and contemplating the future was exactly what I needed.

As a mental state of mind, shutting down Synop has been weird. We had to actively avoid opportunities and ignore the internal cries to continue doing everything possible to survive. Every past decision is called into question and mumurings of what if are mixed with constant self-reassurance that this was the right decision.

Gradually, I’m getting excited about new ideas again. My creative, ambitious side is waking up and things are starting to look like opportunities rather than overwhelming odds.