Technology paralysis

August 27, 2005

I first craved a DVD player in 1999 after my flatmate moved out with his. From memory, back then a decent one was $1,200AU. This seemed just a bit too expensive, so I waited and made do with videos and a new flatmate’s good Sony 68cm TV.

Then, in late 2002 the flatmate & TV moved out again. Bianca and I just ended up using her little old 34cm TV with videos.

By early 2004 it was getting harder to hire videos so we decided to spend $60 on a cheap DVD player. Unfortunately her TV was so old that it didn’t support the input cables and it would cost another $75 in adapters to make it work (since Macrovision prevented us routing the signal through the video).

Of course, at this point a new TV was justified, but we just couldn’t help wanting a flat panel, which were way too expensive. So, just like the DVD player decision above, we waited.

Suddenly it’s 2005, and I can’t believe that we still don’t have a DVD player!

This was a classic case of technology paralysis. I decided the only cure was to jump the DVD cycle completely and starting building a HTPC.

Comment by Matt Sheppard on September 05, 2005 1:27 PM
Don't remember if I even mentioned it, but I've been quite happy with my DVD player from Dick Smith. I've actually got it running though my video because it...ahem...doesn't do all that macrovision rubbish (and it's also multi region).
Comment by Nathan @ e-gineer on September 06, 2005 11:35 AM
Interesting ... it was in trying to buy a cheap one from Dick Smith that I learnt about all the Macrovision problems (from their staff). Might have done better to try it anyway!
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