"this is copyrighted by me so u cant copy it!"

August 20, 2005

Until last night, I had no idea how widely read my PHP: Hackers Paradise articles had spread. Turns out, you can read copies of the article in full (or close to full) on these sites:

But, on this sites you have to pay to get access to a full copy of the article:

This guy (http://www.joshuaz dot com/community/Downloads/48.aspx) added the RTF file to his site, but then suspected it may contain a virus (it doesn’t). I’m even in his most popular downloads list!

There are RTF and PDF versions floating around in lots of places, but it was amusing to see that I’d made it onto Astalavista (http://www.astalavista dot com/?section=directory&cmd=detail&id=1905) and the eDonkey network (http://www.poptopic dot net/file.php?hash1=98B77F35FDC1E338&hash2=133840719A7A5D4A&size=135895).

All the above is pretty low, but there is one guy who takes the cake. Greg Tampa decided to simply change the author name and post it to this site (www.hackercity dot com/read.html?postid=3438&replies=2&page=1). Classy.

Skimming through to the bottom of that page I noticed that Greg had decided to add a comment on his own post: “note this is copyrighted by me so u cant copy it!”.

Comment by Peter Thiruselvam on October 07, 2008 1:47 PM
Nathan Wallace,

My name is Peter Thiruselvam and about 8 years ago I worked for Richard Ord of iEntry.com. I see that you have used my name saying that using "clever inneuendo" I tried to take credit for your article. I did not. I was the editor for several newsletters for Richard Ord and his policy was to use articles for his newsletters and give the author credit for it. Several hundred articles were published and each one had the original author's credit, unless I wrote the article myself. You are mistaken if you think I wanted credit for your article. I don't even remember it and devnewz is not on the net anymore. Actually, many authors were very pleased to have the article published so that they received wide publicity from the several hundred readers. If you thought that I was trying to get credit for your article, then I apologize. However, this was not my intent and the bottom of the article did give you credit as the author and me as the editor(which was in fact my position). Therefore, please remove my name from your BLOG as soon as possible.

Thank You,

Comment by Anonymous on October 29, 2008 3:28 PM
Hey Nathan,

You are full of shit. Pete has published several of my articles and always gave me credit. I have a copy of that article saved and it clearly gives you the credit as the author. Stop thinking your more than you are. I'm sending a copy to all my friends with a copy of the email so they too can write their own comments on your "blog"

Fuck You,

M. Tipton
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