Exploring beneath the fold

September 22, 2005

I’ve been thinking for a while that I don’t do enough to encourage exploration of my weblog content, making it hard to discover older content. Of course, most people probably only see it in an RSS reader and thus couldn’t care less about my design or branding decisions anyway.

In Embrace your bottom! Derek Powazek might have the idea to kick start some improvements:

Your engaged users - the ones who really like you, yaknow, more than a friend - are sticking with that main content. Everything in the sidebar just makes it harder to focus on your content. Then, when they get to the end, when they’re ready for something else to do, when they’re ready for that end of the date smooch … that’s the moment it’s all been leading up to. That’s when users are most open to suggestions of where else to go, maybe do a search, maybe even click on an ad.